The autochtonous white



DOC – Colli Berici

Sensory profile:

pale yellow, it has a nose of citrus aromas, apple, peach, apricot and almond. In the mouth it is salty, tasty, with a good body and long lasting.

Serving suggesion:
aperitifs, fish, shellfishes, soups, fish risotto and white meat.

Garganega is a very important and grown vine variety in Veneto, its most famous denomination is Soave; thanks to its versatility, Garganega can be made sparkling, still or raisin. The grapes ripe during the first half of October; it has a thick and yellow skin, tending to pink when fully ripen.The wine has a pale yellow color. It isn’t a very aromatic variety, but it has clear notes of white flowers, like elder, and perfumes of almond that can be also found during the tasting. It is more sapid than mineral, and the barrique ageing gives richness and complexity to the wine.

The Winemaker’s comment

Growing area:
Colli Berici (Vicenza)
Cultivation system/vines per hectare: Guyot/4,000
Vineyard age: about 50 years
Package: 75 cl
Alcohol: 13%

Grapes are harvested by hand, one part when the grapes are ripen, a second part in 5 kgs cases and another part, overripen, in 15 kgs cases.

Before the pressing, the grapes are cooled at a temperature of <10°C. The grapes are harvested when overripen and than vinified in tank between 15/16°C. The other grapes, dried for more or less two weeks in an aired fruttaio, are fermented in barrique. After the fermentation and a 5-6 month ageing in contact with the fine lees, the two wines are assembled and aged for other 3 months, always in contact with the lees.

Bottle: Glass GL71
Stopper: Cork FOR 51
Capsule: Polylaminate ALU 41