Colli Berici, a landscape of the soul.

“A ripple in the plain… Gently lifted up by the breeze. Gentle slopes, open valleys, friendly mists…”
Thus Guido Piovene paints the Colli Berici, a landscape of the soul, a character among the characters in his stories and novels.

A land born of the sea, as we are reminded by its fossils, now covered over by neatly arranged crops, amid an almost wild nature. A land of country villages, ancient columns and little churches, rustic villas and aristocratic residences. A horizon of hills with long rows of vines, and dotted with olive orchards.

A land made for wine.

The Colli Berici are of volcanic origin and were formed about sixty million years ago by tectonic lifting and folding.

The hills are perfect for winemaking, with production dating back to Palaeolithic times.

The nature of the soils ensures a rich, complex personality in wines that are both firmly structured and beautifully elegant.

Clays for the structure, basalts for the fragrance and finesse.

The limestone rock, the red-clay soils rich in skeleton, the basaltic rocks of volcanic origin, and the altitude that protects against fog and late frosts, together with reduced rainfall, all combine to form ideal conditions for growing a range of different varieties, with perfectly healthy grapes for the creation of wines of great personality.

Such as the Cabernet Franc dei Colli Berici, the first wine to receive DOC (Protected Designation of Origin) status in Italy.