TOCAI 100%

The most autoctonous expression of Berici hills



IGP – Veneto

Sensory profile:
rubin red with purplish hightlight, glycerins of good support. Nose releases spicy notes and little red fruits like blackberry, blueberry, black currant and raspberry.
Young and of good sourness, in the mouth it is enchanting, warm, well balanced and lasting in the end. Cocoa notes, dried fruit and jam as an olfactory confirmation.

Serving suggestion:
gentle roasted poultry meat, with a good spiced support.

His most close twin is probably the Grenache, a french vine from midi and the cote du Rhône. This is an intriguing vine, not easy to understand because there is a very thin line between obtaining an ordinary result and an important one. The outcome we have searched for is to express elegant and light notes that remember first of all the rose petals in its different nuances of red, cherry and peach. It comes with a medium structure, but well identified in its elements. Certainly this Tai goes well with smooth and spicy courses. The wine is for those who love mouthfeel and elegance.

The Winemaker’s comment

Growing area: Colli Berici (Vicenza)
Cultivation system/vines per hectare: Guyot/5,000
Vineyard age: about 16 years
Package: 75 cl
Alcohol: 14%

Manual, mid of september with 50% fresh crushing and drying on wood plateaux for the other 50%.

Crushing- stemming, inoculation with selected yeast culture. Thermal control with movement of marcs and alternate delestage for 20 days. Ageing in new or second step durmast for 15 months.

Bottle: Glass GL71
Stopper: Cork FOR 51
Capsule: Polylaminate ALU 41