The original interpretation of Cabernet



IGP – Veneto

Sensory profile:
rubin red with purplish hightlight. Intense, glycerins of good support and density. Nose releases pansy, rose and marc notes; black currant and blueberry. Enters dry, tannic, with a good acidic support. It confirms notes of wild fruit and perennial herbs. Wide and lasting. Young, fresg and of good weaving, it will offer for sure a great longevity.

Serving suggestion:
game, spicy soups and strong cheese.


This vine variety is recognized as the italian Cabernet. Compared to its french brothers, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, it brings its own character that underlines a stronger personality, especially at an olfactory level. The notes that we take upon itself are often the one of the bedbug or the green pepper, that for themselves don’t outline pleasantness at all, but that exalt the identity of the wine. In this our interpretation of Carmenere, we offer a softer and more entangling wine. Each element expresses itself with a purity and a determination that makes it unique and at the same time intriguing. The little red fruits and perennial herbs are wrapped in a velvet form that makes this wine harmonious and pleasant. It could be interesting to bet on it!

The Winemaker’s comment

Growing area: Colli Berici (Vicenza)
Cultivation system/vines per hectare: Guyot/4,000
Vineyard age: about 20 years
Package: 75 cl
Alcohol: 14,5%

Manual, end of september, on to trays for a light 40 days drying.


Crushing- stemming, inoculation with selected yeast culture. Press and delestage for 30 days. Ageing in new or second step durmast for 15 months. Further refinement in bottles for six months.

Bottle: Glass GL71
Stopper: Cork FOR 51
Capsule: Polylaminate ALU 41