100% SYRAH


Opening up new horizons


IGP – Veneto

Sensory profile:
ruby red with purplish highlights; nose releases pungent forest floor, moss, earthy mineral, and black pepper. It enters very full in the mouth, rich and enfolding, with vibrant, aromatic fruit; and a lively dialogue between fruit and oak completes its truly majestic qualities.

Serving suggestion:
red meat, wild game, strong cheeses, and at meal’s end, chocolate and mixed dried fruit.

The Syrah cultivar is one of the toughest to deal with, first as a grape, then as a wine. The vine is delicate and susceptible to diseases such as botrytis, powdery mildew and grape moth, and the wine is volatile and can easily lose its character. The great challenge is therefore to guide it gently through these adversities and protect it with great sensitivity. The result is Virgola: a wine of exceptional elegance and finesse, flavoursome, complex, with intense notes of fruit, spices and earthiness.

The Winemaker’s comment

Growing area: Colli Berici (Vicenza)
Cultivation system/vines per hectare: Guyot/4,000
Vineyard age: 25 anni ca.
Package: 75 cl
Alcohol: 14,5%

Manual, second/third week of September onto trays for a light 20/30 days drying.

Crushing-stemming, inoculation with selected yeast culture, automatically controlled fermentation in fermenting vats, with the grape marc moved daily and oxygenation of the must/ wine. Ageing in 100% new durmast barriques for 24 months.

Bottle: Glass GL71
Stopper: Cork FOR 51
Capsule: Polylaminate ALU 41