Our family

PuntoZero turns a new page in wine.

The de’ Besi family firmly believes in the Colli Berici, and its confidence has led to production of outstanding red wines in a territory that is still relatively unknown in the world of wines. 

The great challenge they have taken up in this land is writing a new chapter in the history of wine. Outstanding red wines, made from 

international varieties that are excellent for passerillage. Pioneers on a path no one had gone down before.

The challenge.

A company carving out a new destiny for the land. With different links to tradition, seeking out a new way. Like a new Bolgheri, which arrived in Tuscany from Veneto. Going against the normal system adopted here, the de’ Besi family has chosen to adopt the technique of passerillage of the grapes after manual harvesting.

How it all began.

The story is recent but its values are as old as the hills, starting with the redevelopment of old vineyards and leading to new plantations, excellent partnerships, and the first limited-quantity productions.

The company is located between Lonigo and Sarego, in the Colli Berici, in the province of Vicenza. In 1994 the de’ Besi family decided to purchase an estate in the lush green Colli Berici, making a dream come true at last.

After they had worked in the field of animal husbandry came this discovery of a land of great beauty and enormous potential. Then came the encounter with those who had preserved it for generations and who are now working with the family on the soil and vineyards.

In particular, in 2006, came the meeting with Celestino Gaspari, a consultant for a number of concerns in Valpolicella, and a pupil of Giuseppe Quintarelli. This was the beginning of a journey that saw the first bottles go on sale only many years later, in 2015.